Occupational Therapy for Children, Young People and Families at Helping Kids Shine Limited.

At Helping Kids Shine we typically work with children, young people and their families by helping them to address any difficulties that they may be experiencing in day to day life, with a focus on supporting their independence and wellbeing at home, in education and in the community.

Based in South Wales, services are provided with a mixture of virtual and physical sessions typically within a 1.5 hour travelling distance of Bridgend.  We are lucky to have our own Therapy Space in Bridgend (CF32 9RE) which is set up for Ayres Sensory Integration therapy provision.

Helping Kids Shine have a proven track record in providing high quality support in the context of Occupational Therapy assessments of special educational needs and provide high quality quantified and specified tribunal ready reports.

We work closely with neurodivergent adults and Special Educational Needs advocates to ensure that we are providing the best service possible for the families that we work with.  We follow a neurodiversity affirming approach to therapy.

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