Just when we thought we might be coming back to some sense of normality, local lockdowns started!

We in Bridgend, like a lot of our local Welsh counties, are now in a local lockdown. The strange thing is that nothing has really changed for me aside from as a family, not being able to leave the county. I can still leave for work purposes so my families in South and West Wales who need face to face visits can still see me.

The “fun” part of face to face visits is that I have to wear lots of Personal Protective Equipment! This is as much to keep my germs away from families as it is keep me healthy. Lots of kids are getting to see my crazy leggings that I now wear for work purposes and also my amazing pocket bag/apron that I keep all my bits and pieces in that I need easy access to, seeing as I can’t really take bags, etc. into visits any more!

Bryher in PPE for Occupational Therapy visits

The good thing is though that I can at least see some clients face to face, although the online working continues to work well too. I’ve had several lovely comments recently about my assessments and reports that I have compiled during the original lockdown period and due to the success of this style of working, I’m certainly continuing with it, but mixing in a bit of face to face too.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed recently is how flexible my diary needs to be in terms of face to face visits. I have to contact a family around 12 hours before a visit to check nobody has symptoms or has been told to self isolate/had a positive test and if they have, then we need to rearrange.

Its been nice to get some of my formal assessment kids out – I’ve been to see two kids to complete the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests which really help to look at all areas of how we process our senses and the impacts that there can be on functioning if a person’s sensory integration does not work as well as it should. I’ve also got plans to complete a Movement ABC to look at gross and fine motor skills. The most fun thing I’ve returned to though is playing with little children and food!

I hope everyone is doing ok, its been a strange few months. I’m always here to chat about anything child or disability related though if anyone needs a friendly face and a listening ear.