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Highly recommended!

I contacted Bryher for an assessment for my 9 year old son (Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Sensory Processing Disorder/Developmental Coordination Disorder) who was, at the time, undergoing an Education, Health and Care Needs assessment. She completed 4 online sessions with us over Zoom and wrote a fantastically detailed report which she produced promptly and to an excellent standard. I couldn’t have asked for more. Not only was her service professional, her engagement with my son was excellent. I know that Bryher is always really efficient and responsive to any questions you might have. I now have a report and recommendations that identify my son’s needs perfectly and, to top it off, he is starting at the special school that he wants to go to within the next week!

We wanted to thank you

The report looks excellent and we cannot thank you enough for capturing C so well. We cannot think of anything not covered in a typical day and the report is so very detailed and covers all aspects.

We also wanted to thank you for the way in which you made C feel. He reports feeling understood by you and talks about feeling he can tell you how he feels in relation to his physical/sensory needs and you help him understand. He has expressed feeling understood and reassured that someone listens to what he says and understands/reassures him that there is an explanation for why he may do/feel a certain way. I think for such a long time he has felt different and now with his diagnosis and support of knowledgeable professionals, he is beginning to make sense of who he is and to know there are people who understand him and reassure him there are other children have the same difficulties and there are things that can help. Thank you so much for making him feel so safe and understood but most importantly for giving him hope and making such a lifelong difference to his life.

I cannot thankyou enough for the help you have given me and my daughter.

I was first put in touch with Bryher through the Operation Diversity platform.

From the second we spoke on the phone I felt at ease. Bryher was very supportive, friendly and she listened to my concerns I had regarding my daughter. My daughter is 9 yrs old and has been struggling with school for a while with a lack of attention, difficulties with her written work, sensory issues and coordination difficulties. I was seeking further information to explore why she was struggling and to build a picture of her needs. I had applied to the local authority for a reassessment of her current EHCP, as her plan was not supporting her needs, and she was not making adequate progress. The more evidence I provided the better understanding and support I could get to support her needs.

Due to the current situation with the Covid pandemic Bryher’s assessments were performed over four online video call sessions. This I found excellent and very professionally carried out. Bryher was very patient and friendly towards my daughter. There was an instant connection my daughter was put at ease and she really enjoyed the sessions especially the face movement session made me smile 🙂.

The first assessment involved gathering background information from me. The other sessions were carried out with my daughter using a complete range of standardised assessments, such as sensory needs, handwriting tasks, movement and coordination, visual and motor perception.

With all the sessions completed Bryher next contacted my daughter’s school and arranged a meeting to obtain further information from them to see how her difficulties impacted on her day at school and in class.
After all the information was gathered from school Bryher then collated the assessment into a very detailed report.

When I received the report I was totally blown away at the amount if detail it contained. I have never seen such an extensive report. The report was full of explanations of needs, her challenges, the results of the assessments undertaken highlighting which percentile she came within. It also included lots of provisions and recommendations to be put in place at school and to be added to her EHCP.

The gratitude I feel to Bryher cannot ever be measured or expressed in anyway. I feel as if she was an angel sent to help me when I most needed that help. I would strongly recommend this very experienced, confident, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate Occupational Therapist to those parents who are seeking help with their children. Thanks to Bryher you are my guardian angel I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me and my daughter. Best wishes 🙂

Outstanding service. I cannot recommend Bryher enough.

I am mum to a wonderful 10 year old girl who has lots of needs but doesn’t really fit under any particular umbrella. I have fought hard but always hit brick walls. Ended up with reports which hold little strength. Her struggles at school are significant.

Bryher was recommended to me. We initially had several telephone conversations before I invested in her service. I immediately warmed to Bryher. She was understanding and so easy to talk to. What I was most impressed by was how much she remembered about my daughter before she even met her! Also how quickly she responded to emails.

My daughter immediately formed a bond with Bryher. She looked forward to her online sessions so much.

Bryher was so patient and never put her under pressure to complete a task. She even added an extra session because she could see my daughter was too tired to continue.

We were both sad to say goodbye to Bryher on the last session.

The report arrived quicker than anyone other report I’ve had. I was shocked at how in depth it was not to mention the precision.

After digesting the information Bryher called me to clarify anything I didn’t understand.

She has offered to be at the end of the phone if I need further support with the EHCP journey. She really goes the extra mile!

I can’t thank you enough Bryher. I hope your business goes from strength to strength. You thoroughly deserve it.

Absolutely Brilliant

Thank you SO much for the time and effort you’ve put into this Bryher. I really appreciate it and it’s going to help get the support L needs.

The report is brilliant. You’ve thought of all sorts!! The detail is fantastic.

I hope you don’t mind me keeping in touch and letting you know how we get on. I’d like to let you know the outcome of the tribunal because you’ve been a huge part of it.

Helped us understand what our Son needed.

Our son was 7 yrs old when we first saw Bryher, and he had been struggling for a while with the feel of clothing, socks, shoes, and getting very angry with things we couldn’t seem to understand. He seemed in distress, but wouldn’t accept any help. We did some research and figured out an Occupational Therapist was what we needed to help us figure out what was bothering him. We had a short assessment at first, which established some Sensory Processing Issues, and we then went on to have the full sensory assessment to delve a deeper into his specific needs. Bryher has been so helpful along the way, checking in with us to see what support we need, and how he is coping with the things we have introduced. She’s opened our eyes to how we can help him and I would 100% recommend her. She is lovely with children, and knows just how to engage them in the tasks needed for the assessments. She makes it fun. We now have a much more settled child, and we know how to meet his needs throughout the day to avoid the distressed angry boy we had.

Absolutely fantastic.

I am a mum of a nearly 5 year old and a nearly 2 year old.  My 5 year old is waiting for a diagnosis of Autism.  I asked for a report to help with my housing issues as we didn’t have enough space to keep my son safe.  Within a week of having our assessment and receiving the report, I was banded higher within the council for rehousing.

I was really sceptical but was proven this was definitely the right way to go!

An absolutely fabulous service and it was a pleasure to have spoken to you! I am over the moon that you could help my family. I thank you so much!

Thank you Bryher

I found Bryher through the group Operation Diversity which supports parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. I was looking for an Occupational Therapy assessment for my daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder and sensory processing disorder with Developmental Language Disorder for general help and recommendations and also to support our tribunal for appealing section B F and I of our daughters Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). I wondered if Bryher was able to help although as we were in lockdown due to the Covid pandemic I was doubtful that we could get a full assessment. I didn’t need to worry, Bryher did an amazing job assessing my daughter through 5 online sessions and I was completely amazed at how much detail she picked up on and was able to observe remotely. My daughter found it really fun and really enjoyed the sessions and Bryher’s report was done super quick and was extremely detailed and thorough with loads of helpful recommendations. Thank you so much Bryher!

Tribunal ready report

My name is Lesley and I’m a first time mum to my 5 year old daughter. She is autistic with severe learning difficulties and I suspected other things going on. I wanted to make sure she was getting the right help & support that she needed but had no help locally & the school OT didn’t have the necessary qualifications or tests.

Then I found Bryher 😁

She was super helpful and easy to talk to. Within no time she did our OT assessments over zoom. Her reports are detailed and I was so happy with it, I’m hopefully adding it to her EHCP this time round.

I would definitely recommend her services and if I need her again I wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch.

So grateful

I recently met (online) with Bryher to chat through some concerns about my 5 year old. I felt listened to and validated and she helped ease my stress as well as giving us plenty of useful information and advice to try and understand J better and cope with some of his sensory difficulties. Bryher is calm and easy to talk to and clearly very knowledgeable. I am very grateful.

Highly Recommended!

I am so pleased that we found Bryher! She has recently assessed my son and was so friendly and approachable with him . Bryher was very prompt with writing her report and was always available to answer any questions we had. She has been extremely supportive and I can’t thank her enough! I would highly recommend Bryher to help you with your children.

A light in the dark

My son (10yrs) and I contacted Helping Kids Shine at the beginning of the year after struggling to access help that we could afford for the sensory and emotional issues he was experiencing. Bryher offered to do an assessment at our home for a reasonable price and we booked three sessions with her. She was friendly, punctual and listened carefully to what we had to say without judgement which we really appreciated. We had completed two sessions with her when the Covid lockdown started. We weren’t sure if we would be able to complete our final session, but ended up dividing it into two shorter sessions which we completed using Zoom. This worked out well and we were pleased to receive her assessment and suggestions at the end. My son and I are now working through her suggestions and we hope that, in time, he can overcome some of the anxiety his sensory issues have caused him. I would recommend Helping Kids Shine to anybody.

A massive thank you!

From the second of first contact with Bryher I felt confident that she could help us. Bryher has helped us understand what will be useful in our home for our little one, taking into consideration the rest of the family. Bryher has also helped us apply for charity funding for a bed for our little man to keep him safe at night. Communication from day one has been great, and Bryher’s knowledge has been invaluable. Thank you so much for making these difficult decisions that little bit easier. You made us feel like people rather than a number x

Great advice

I’m a mum of a little girl age 5 with complex additional needs.  Bryher has always been so helpful and gave great advice to me to help my daughter even though we’ve not engaged Bryher for any paid services. She has always been willing to help which is lovely.  As a Special Educational Needs mum you hit many brick walls and Bryher always shows ways to get over these walls with great advice.  It can be a lonely fight for your children, but with great people helping with guidance and advice it makes things easier.

Compassionate, understanding, excellent support.

I came across Bryher’s details late last year as I was searching for some occupational therapy support for my 16 year old son. I have known for some time that a sensory OT could be a great benefit for him, but unfortunately have not been able to access one through our local authority.  We shared several emails, however she could not do anything for us at the time due to a huge gap in miles between us! Then with the current situation of covid-19, Bryher began offering online sessions.  This meant that we could finally work together!

She contacted me beforehand for some relevant information about my son which I was more than happy to share, along with some video evidence of my son’s sensory struggles.

We chatted for nearly 3 hours, completing a very thorough assessment which was emailed to me less than a week later with her recommendations – everything that I have been trying to put in place for him for too long now.

I was hugely impressed with Bryher’s work. She is compassionate, friendly, understanding and supportive, while remaining extremely professional.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking similar support.


Amazing OT! Highly experienced with autistic children. Very kind and caring lady who genuinely wants to help.

Very reliable, professional and excellent communication.

Highly recommend this service which has helped our family with my son’s sensory issues.

An outstanding and caring Occupational Therapy service

I contacted Bryher for an assessment of my 12 year old son’s needs, to submit as evidence towards his EHCP. She observed him at home and at school and was extremely caring and professional. She produced a very thorough report, written to tribunal standard, identifying several areas of need. With this report, we were able to get our son all the help he needs. I would thoroughly recommend Bryher as an experienced and caring Occupational Therapist.

Amazing support for home educators

Bryher is a very good friend of mine and my go to for support and questions over my autistic son and his quirks.

Her knowledge is excellent and her support and acceptance of our un-schooling means there is a level of trust between it is hard to find with mainstream service providers.

Thank you Bryher.


I am a single mum of a soon to be 13 year old who has Autism, limited vision, extreme anxiety, sleep and sensory issues.  Bryher was very thorough with her work, she ensures she has all the information and double checks everything to confirm that she has understood background, etc.  Bryher also liaises with other professionals where appropriate and is very meticulous about her work.

She is warm and friendly, it’s easy to feel comfortable in Bryher’s presence as she seems to have a natural ability to put you and your child at ease. My daughter felt happy to complete all the tests and engage in discussions too; something my daughter can struggle with if she feels she can not trust a person.  I was pleased that my daughter had no issues here.

I would highly recommend Bryher (Helping Kids Shine) and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again in the future.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, you really have helped me so much already. I’m so grateful for your help and finding someone that understands what ***** goes through is a big help to me and I will see you soon. I was giving up before I got in contact with you and you’ve made me realise that I can get through it no matter how hard it can be at times there is support there. I know it will never be a quick fix but any help is better than no help and I’ve struggled for so many years.

A lovely person whom I highly recommend

We found Bryher through Operation Diversity Academy. My 13 year old daughter was assessed online via video call by Bryher, who is incredibly approachable and compassionate. We wanted to understand our daughters’ sensory Integration challenges as part of an EHC Needs assessment, with the knowledge we could use the report at tribunal if required.

Bryher has a very calming approach and made my daughter feel at ease. I feel Bryher went above and beyond to truly understand our daughters strengths as well as challenges and provided a thorough and quantified report. Highly recommended.

Very professional, understanding and great to work alongside

We recently had an assessment done for our 13 year old daughter who has deafness, learning disabilities, selective mutism, very high anxiety and other complex needs. Bryher was amazing with her and although my daughter didn’t want the camera on her face or shoulders and didn’t want to talk, Bryher was fab with her, understood with no pressure and praised her all the way through the assessment, it wasn’t a test just very fun activities. When she had a big meltdown, Bryher didn’t judge or anything and no pressure on our daughter at all and took the assessment back onto parents views so she could calm down. The final report was fantastic and helped us loads. We wish she lived closer so we could name her as our daughters OT on her plan. We can’t recommend her enough and have loads to thank her for.

Great advice

I was all stressed and needed some advice which I got instantly. Very friendly and made me feel at ease that I didn’t actually have a clue what I was doing lol! No judgement, just helpful advice and support. Great OT, highly recommended if you need help! Thank you so much for your time helping me.

Superb Assessment

I had to book a private OT assessment as my area is not commissioned for sensory assessments/advice. I found Bryher through a recommendation and from start to finish it was a superb experience.

I was amazed at the information she managed to gain and the insight she had over just a few zoom sessions.

My seven year old son who is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder interacted well and the report was really comprehensive.

Thanks so much for your help!

I cannot thank Bryher enough!

I recently needed an Occupational Therapy report for Tribunal for my child who is 11 and has complex disabilities.  We did the assessments through a combination of zoom, telephone call and emails due to the restrictions of COVID-19 and this worked perfectly for us.

Bryher was fantastic from the start; kind, caring, compassionate, as well as very thorough throughout the whole assessment. The report I received is excellent and the best one I have ever had for my son, she really understood who he is and how he works.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bryher and just wished we lived closer as I would love her to work personally with us.

Bryher really does Help Kids Shine

My son is 12 and it feels like he has been let down by school and professional services all his life.  Things changed when I found Bryher.

Bryher is professional, friendly, and amazingly patient. Thanks to Bryher my son now has an in-depth independent occupational therapy report that will change my son’s life for the better.

My son now feels better about himself and I feel that finally someone has listened and believed us that there were some challenges for my son and they weren’t all in my head!

Bryher really does help kids shine, my son’s journey is far from over but Bryher has been the one to help us make a brilliant start.

Absolutely lovely lady!!

I’m a mum of an awesome, fun-filled 10 year old boy. We as a family were looking for an OT assessment for an EHCP. Bryher was lovely and a fantastic listener of a very complicated history!!  We weren’t able to take the assessment forward at this time, but I would totally recommend Bryher for her kindness, honesty and professionalism. Many thanks again.

I wish I had someone like Bryher to help me a few years ago…

I wish I had someone like Bryher to help me a few years ago with my son. She is friendly, informative and has a lovely energy about her. To any families considering her services….I’d say, go for it!

Poo success!

Good morning Bryher I hope you’re well. Had to share with you that H has cracked potty training. 👏 Thank you for all your advice. We are over the moon, been a long time coming but he got there in the end. Now we are having a poop party 🎉😂. Take care and speak to you soon.

Bryher is patient, warm and caring

My 9 year old son had an assessment by Bryher during lockdown. He has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Conditions, anxiety and low self esteem and sensory processing difficulties.
She was very patient, warm and caring, and my son seemed very comfortable with her. I really liked how it was completed over 4 sessions, because by the 4th session she was able to observe my sons ‘normal’ behaviours which he didn’t really show at the start. Her communication was exceptional, and it was obvious she really cares. I would definitely recommend her.

Thank you a thousand times over

Just finished the OT assessment process with Bryher at Helping Kids Shine, such an awesome experience. I was worried that online would be a compromise on standard but the quality and depth of content was exemplary and I think it helped my son was at home.

Your report made me cry; the level of detail and explanation will help enormously going forward.  You’re amazing and it is so nice to work with someone so professional and knowledgeable.

Great advice

I contacted Bryher for some OT help for my 15 year old son. Although she could not help us in the end as we were too far away, she went out of her way to send me advice and resources to help. If only I could find someone like Bryher near us….!

We cannot thank Bryher enough!

So this picture pretty much sums up R, everyday can be a battle, its physically and emotionally draining.  For us it’s never been about a ‘label’ it’s always been about getting the right support for her to manage and function in a way like her peers.  She herself is very aware she is ‘different’ to her friends and that itself comes with a whole load of concerns, she’s very lucky to have a group of friends who understand her (as best as 6 year olds can).

After going round in what felt like circles and no-one really knowing how to help or what to do we decided to contact Bryher at Helping Kids Shine.  I had previously met Bryher at an autism roadshow which I attended through work.  We discussed our needs and she came into our home and instantly struck up a rapport with R doing everything she could to put her at ease and engage her.

Bryher worked closely with us to support R and the parts of life she finds difficult. During lockdown R has surprised us all and achieved things that had been unheard of for so long some as simple as putting on a pair of socks, this is a huge!

We cannot thank Bryher enough for all the support she has given and continues to provide. 🌟🌟🌟

Typical sensory processing challenges that Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy can help at Helping Kids Shine