HKS Booking System Instructions

You will be provided with a direct link to claim the package that you have agreed to invest in during your Discovery Session.  Please enter your contact details and the Coupon Code you have been emailed.  This will reduce the unit price down to £0.00 – we will separately invoice as discussed during your Discovery Session.

After clicking Pay Now and Complete Order, you will receive an Order Receipt both instantly and by email.  This will include your Certificate Code which will enable you to schedule your sessions by clicking Schedule.

The Scheduling screen will detail how many appointments of each type you have been allocated.  You can now click into each appointment type and make your bookings, taking note of the comments, as these will help facilitate the timeline of the assessment/treatment package that has been selected.

Where you have one appointment for a certain type, the booking process will be as follows:

Firstly, click the appointment type.  Then, if asked, select your allocated Occupational Therapist.  Choose your date and time, and click Continue.

Your details should be automatically populated into the next screen.  Click Complete Appointment and you will receive a confirmation message.  You will also receive this information by email. 

To continue with appointment scheduling, click Schedule Another Appointment at the bottom of the screen.  This will return you to the appointment selection.

Where you have been allocated multiples of a single appointment type, you can work on scheduling these all at the same time.  Click into the appointment type required, choose your first date and time, and then select Recurring.

You will then be able to select the day to repeat and amount of times.  Please note, that as our diaries can become busy, it may be that not all appointments on the recurring run are available!  If this is the case, the system will alert you and you can then go and choose additional times manually to make up to your total appointment allowance.

In this example, October 4th was not available, but by selecting the calendar, it was possible to see that there were multiple times available on October 5th.  By clicking Add a Time, we could then add this in place of the 4th October and delete the 4th of October from the list.  This then provided us with a list of all of the dates we had selected (with the non-recurring ones at the end of the list), and the appointments are then booked by clicking Complete Appointment.

You can follow the process above for all appointment types, aside from those where it is stated that the appointments must be arranged by HKS Office. In these instances, HKS Office will redeem these appointments against your Certificate Code.

If you have any questions or get stuck, please contact and we will be happy to help you.