Helping Kids Shine Covid-19 Procedures

September 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Teachers,

As you will be aware, the Covid-19 global pandemic raised a lot of concerns around how we could keep each other safe and continue to provide the services that children and young people needed to access for their health and wellbeing.

To ensure that  we are insured for the work that we do and are acting within our professional body’s Code of Ethics, we must follow Public Health England and Public Health Wales guidelines in respect of the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Although Covid-19 restrictions have been lifting and alerting levels have been changing, there is a lack of clarity in relation to the continued use of PPE.

To this end, at Helping Kids Shine we are using the following measures:

 1. Prior to every home, school and therapy space visit, you will be required to complete an online Risk Assessment form which will record the current Covid-19 status of the household. This will be emailed to you within your appointment reminder. If there is reason to do so, visits will be postponed and rescheduled. We urge you to provide as much notice as possible of any positive tests or needs for your family to self-isolate, as this will mean we can reschedule without charge, providing that there are over 24 hours of notice given.

 2. Therapists from Helping Kids Shine will continue to wear Type IIR disposable face masks in all indoor environments.  All young people and adults over the age of 12 will be asked to also wear a face covering indoors (unless exempt or local policies differ e.g. schools).

3. Any equipment that is brought into a home, school, or used in the Helping Kids Shine Therapy Space will have either been quarantined for 72 hours, or will have been cleaned prior to use using antiviral spray/wipes.

4. All Helping Kids Shine therapists will be completing twice weekly Lateral Flow Tests.

If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We appreciate your support with these current requirements.