Covid-19 Procedures

Helping Kids Shine Covid-19 Procedures

February 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Teachers,

As you will be aware, the Covid-19 global pandemic raised a lot of concerns around how we could keep each other safe and continue to provide the services that children and young people needed to access for their health and wellbeing.

Although I have moved many of my Services online, there have been some instances where I have needed to visit children and families in person.  To ensure that I am insured for the work that I do and acting within my professional body’s Code of Ethics, I must follow Public Health England and Public Health Wales guidelines in respect of the use of Personal Protective Equipment.

The current guidance is that I need to wear a mask, apron and gloves if I am going to be within 2m of a child.  Sometimes, I may also need to wear eye protection. Any equipment that I bring into your home or school will have been sanitised beforehand and will be cleaned again following the session with antiviral spray and wipes.  Where possible, I will use equipment that is already at the location I am visiting.

Prior to every home and school visit, I am required to complete a Risk Assessment to run through relevant information such as whether anyone in the home is self-isolating, has symptoms, has had a positive Covid-19 test, etc.

If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will appreciate your support with these current requirements and as much notice as possible should you/your family/your setting need to self-isolate or begin to display symptoms.