Bryher Hill
Occupational Therapist 



Hi, I am Bryher

  • I offer several options for the services that I provide, and my recommended service will depend on the presenting needs of the child.
  • I provide anything from a one-off advice session through to an annualised therapy service on a retained basis.
  • I can complete work as an Expert Witness if required, for medico-legal and tribunal cases.
  • I also loan out standardised assessments to other therapy professionals in Wales.¬† Please contact me for a list of what I can offer.

Please contact me to arrange a free Discovery Session on 07305929433 or by completing the form here, so that we can chat more about your child, their strengths and challenges and what support you are looking for.

I will then be able to recommend the service to best fit your needs, or if required, refer on to another professional within my expansive network.

Animated child eating - occupational therapy services
Animated child eating - occupational therapy services