Having “stalked” Bryher on a number of Question and Answer sessions through the Operation Diversity Academy platform, she was my first point of call when our Local Authority ignored my request for an Occupational Therapy assessment during our Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment process.

Feeling a little deflated with the current Needs Assessment Process & the Local Authority’s lack of accountability to identify all needs, I approached Bryher to complete an assessment of needs on my 3 & half year old Autistic child who has Severe Communication Difficulties as well as suspected Sensory Processing Difficulties. I did have my reservations as my child is not always responsive with unfamiliar adults and being Non Verbal, it’s often difficult to engage him. However, Bryher was extremely patient, warm & compassionate & identified behaviours/difficulties which I had not even considered.

The Report was comprehensive, clear and thorough and completed & returned to us promptly due to our tight timescales with submission of evidence to the Local Authority which Bryher kindly accommodated. My hope now is that our EHCP Assessment progresses with no unidentifiable needs and we will secure the most suitable setting for my Son.