I came across Bryher’s details late last year as I was searching for some occupational therapy support for my 16 year old son. I have known for some time that a sensory OT could be a great benefit for him, but unfortunately have not been able to access one through our local authority.  We shared several emails, however she could not do anything for us at the time due to a huge gap in miles between us! Then with the current situation of covid-19, Bryher began offering online sessions.  This meant that we could finally work together!

She contacted me beforehand for some relevant information about my son which I was more than happy to share, along with some video evidence of my son’s sensory struggles.

We chatted for nearly 3 hours, completing a very thorough assessment which was emailed to me less than a week later with her recommendations – everything that I have been trying to put in place for him for too long now.

I was hugely impressed with Bryher’s work. She is compassionate, friendly, understanding and supportive, while remaining extremely professional.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking similar support.