Mum of then 5 year old boy:  When I contacted Bryher I was after some advice and strategies to help my son who was struggling with many sensory things – bright lights, wearing clothes, holding a pencil, loud noises and smells to name a few – I had wondered for a while whether he was autistic but had been told frequently by well meaning friends and family that he was fine and I was overreacting to normal young child stuff.

When I spoke to Bryher she listened and asked lots of questions to help understand his sensory profile. For the first time I felt that somebody was taking my concerns seriously and she suggested we did seek further autism assessment. Bryher gave me the confidence to speak to my GP and that led to an assessment and a diagnosis. Without Bryher I don’t think I would have felt able to do that.

She was wonderful – professional, highly knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to. She helped me make sense of things and find ways forwards. We are very grateful and would highly recommend Bryher.