Our son was 7 yrs old when we first saw Bryher, and he had been struggling for a while with the feel of clothing, socks, shoes, and getting very angry with things we couldn’t seem to understand. He seemed in distress, but wouldn’t accept any help. We did some research and figured out an Occupational Therapist was what we needed to help us figure out what was bothering him. We had a short assessment at first, which established some Sensory Processing Issues, and we then went on to have the full sensory assessment to delve a deeper into his specific needs. Bryher has been so helpful along the way, checking in with us to see what support we need, and how he is coping with the things we have introduced. She’s opened our eyes to how we can help him and I would 100% recommend her. She is lovely with children, and knows just how to engage them in the tasks needed for the assessments. She makes it fun. We now have a much more settled child, and we know how to meet his needs throughout the day to avoid the distressed angry boy we had.