I was first put in touch with Bryher through the Operation Diversity platform.

From the second we spoke on the phone I felt at ease. Bryher was very supportive, friendly and she listened to my concerns I had regarding my daughter. My daughter is 9 yrs old and has been struggling with school for a while with a lack of attention, difficulties with her written work, sensory issues and coordination difficulties. I was seeking further information to explore why she was struggling and to build a picture of her needs. I had applied to the local authority for a reassessment of her current EHCP, as her plan was not supporting her needs, and she was not making adequate progress. The more evidence I provided the better understanding and support I could get to support her needs.

Due to the current situation with the Covid pandemic Bryher’s assessments were performed over four online video call sessions. This I found excellent and very professionally carried out. Bryher was very patient and friendly towards my daughter. There was an instant connection my daughter was put at ease and she really enjoyed the sessions especially the face movement session made me smile 🙂.

The first assessment involved gathering background information from me. The other sessions were carried out with my daughter using a complete range of standardised assessments, such as sensory needs, handwriting tasks, movement and coordination, visual and motor perception.

With all the sessions completed Bryher next contacted my daughter’s school and arranged a meeting to obtain further information from them to see how her difficulties impacted on her day at school and in class.
After all the information was gathered from school Bryher then collated the assessment into a very detailed report.

When I received the report I was totally blown away at the amount if detail it contained. I have never seen such an extensive report. The report was full of explanations of needs, her challenges, the results of the assessments undertaken highlighting which percentile she came within. It also included lots of provisions and recommendations to be put in place at school and to be added to her EHCP.

The gratitude I feel to Bryher cannot ever be measured or expressed in anyway. I feel as if she was an angel sent to help me when I most needed that help. I would strongly recommend this very experienced, confident, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate Occupational Therapist to those parents who are seeking help with their children. Thanks to Bryher you are my guardian angel I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me and my daughter. Best wishes 🙂