I was pointed in the direction of Helping Kids Shine when I was looking for help for my 10 year old Autistic daughter. We were struggling to get an EHCP in place and needed a full picture of all of her needs to support us.

We had online assessments, as we do not live close. My daughter also has Selective Mutism so I suspected it may be very complicated to get the assessments done, especially as talking through technology is not something M enjoys but Bryher had an incredible way of connecting with M and she was more open and honest than ever before. I felt like M started to understand and accept herself through the process and it has definitely given me a much better understanding of how to help M when she struggles.

Our sessions with Bryher have already created positive changes and as soon as the EHCP is in place I think life will be so much easier for M. In fact, getting this support will be life changing.

Bryher was friendly, supportive, fun and absolutely full of knowledge.

I highly recommend Helping Kids Shine and will certainly be passing on contact details to everyone I meet who may benefit from this service.