I am mum to a wonderful 10 year old girl who has lots of needs but doesn’t really fit under any particular umbrella. I have fought hard but always hit brick walls. Ended up with reports which hold little strength. Her struggles at school are significant.

Bryher was recommended to me. We initially had several telephone conversations before I invested in her service. I immediately warmed to Bryher. She was understanding and so easy to talk to. What I was most impressed by was how much she remembered about my daughter before she even met her! Also how quickly she responded to emails.

My daughter immediately formed a bond with Bryher. She looked forward to her online sessions so much.

Bryher was so patient and never put her under pressure to complete a task. She even added an extra session because she could see my daughter was too tired to continue.

We were both sad to say goodbye to Bryher on the last session.

The report arrived quicker than anyone other report I’ve had. I was shocked at how in depth it was not to mention the precision.

After digesting the information Bryher called me to clarify anything I didn’t understand.

She has offered to be at the end of the phone if I need further support with the EHCP journey. She really goes the extra mile!

I can’t thank you enough Bryher. I hope your business goes from strength to strength. You thoroughly deserve it.