So this picture pretty much sums up R, everyday can be a battle, its physically and emotionally draining.  For us it’s never been about a ‘label’ it’s always been about getting the right support for her to manage and function in a way like her peers.  She herself is very aware she is ‘different’ to her friends and that itself comes with a whole load of concerns, she’s very lucky to have a group of friends who understand her (as best as 6 year olds can).

After going round in what felt like circles and no-one really knowing how to help or what to do we decided to contact Bryher at Helping Kids Shine.  I had previously met Bryher at an autism roadshow which I attended through work.  We discussed our needs and she came into our home and instantly struck up a rapport with R doing everything she could to put her at ease and engage her.

Bryher worked closely with us to support R and the parts of life she finds difficult. During lockdown R has surprised us all and achieved things that had been unheard of for so long some as simple as putting on a pair of socks, this is a huge!

We cannot thank Bryher enough for all the support she has given and continues to provide. 🌟🌟🌟

Typical sensory processing challenges that Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy can help at Helping Kids Shine