The report looks excellent and we cannot thank you enough for capturing C so well. We cannot think of anything not covered in a typical day and the report is so very detailed and covers all aspects.

We also wanted to thank you for the way in which you made C feel. He reports feeling understood by you and talks about feeling he can tell you how he feels in relation to his physical/sensory needs and you help him understand. He has expressed feeling understood and reassured that someone listens to what he says and understands/reassures him that there is an explanation for why he may do/feel a certain way. I think for such a long time he has felt different and now with his diagnosis and support of knowledgeable professionals, he is beginning to make sense of who he is and to know there are people who understand him and reassure him there are other children have the same difficulties and there are things that can help. Thank you so much for making him feel so safe and understood but most importantly for giving him hope and making such a lifelong difference to his life.